Max Sleeping on Chance 2

Chance snoozing while Max uses her like a pillow for his own napping purposes.

I’m a cat lover more than a dog lover, and even though I have a dog that I care for dearly, there is a special place in my heart for cats.

About Max and ChanceEdit

I live with two cats. Max, who is a long-haired domestic male, and Chance, a short-haired domestic female. Chance has been with me for 15 years, ever since I found her as a little kitten living outside at the house next door. I convinced her into moving in with a can of tuna. Max came to me as a tiny, grey ball of fur, eyes still cloudy blue because he was taken from his mother too young, but happy nonetheless. He’s now 11, so apparently he felt that my house was a good place to live and thrive. 

Why I Love CatsEdit

Cats are less needy than dogs, in most of my experiences anyway, which might be why I find them so appealing. I know that they only spend time with me when they need to bond, on their own time and without instruction, unlike dogs who want my constant attention which can sometimes be tiring. (I’m sure dog lovers everywhere who are reading this are letting out a simultaneous sound of shock) I do feel that both cats and dogs are wonderful companions, but when I have my choice, paws-down I choose cats.