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Just Another Day as an UmpireEdit

My final project will consist of a blog that chronicles a number of little league baseball games that I umpired this year.  I will talk about my learning experiences as an umpire, the interactions I had with coaches, players and fans, and the overall experience of each and every game.  I will cover the good, the bad and the ugly parts of little league baseball and give my subtle opinions about the things I witnessed in each and every game.  I will point out highlights as well as low points in my own decisions as a game official and how they impacted the fairness of the games.  I will also give credit to some fantastic coaches and fans who gave me reasons to keep showing up and umpiring all season long.

I have an immense passion for the game of baseball and I thoroughly enjoy being a part of it.  Since I was never athletic enough to play well as a child, I was never able to compete for spots on my high school team.  I instead became a bookworm of the game and studies the rules in an effort to become a umpire and stay involved with baseball.  The Utah Umpire Association which I am a part of trains and supports umpires throughout the state and they govern all the certified officials.  I am proud to be a member of this organization and love what I do out on the field.  However, it is not about me, it is about the young boys and girls who step on the field and give it their all during the game.  I umpire for them, and only them!