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For my final project I chose to create a blog on blogger titled “Life of a Division 1 Athlete”. I am a diver for the University of Utah and I feel a lot of people, especially my friends, don’t understand some of things I go through and why I am busy all the time. The purpose of my blog is to inform everyone what it is like on a daily basis of being a D1 athlete. There are posts about practices, about daily life, overcoming obstacles and just trying to be a “normal” college student. I tried to refrain from doing entries that could be taken as just journal or diary entries. I do go in depth over certain practices and some of the struggles I am trying to overcome. I want people outside of being an athlete to read this and see why things are hard sometimes and where my priorities lie. I also want those who are athletes and are having a difficult time to read this and see they aren’t the only ones who are going through what they are going through. I posted pictures and some videos to compliment the entries, help understand a little more and to add a personal touch.

Take the time to check it out:

-Kersten xo.