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Mark's Final ProjectEdit

For my final project I decided I am going to do a personal website. I plan on having 5 sections (home, resume, interests, contact me, and about me). For the purpose of this class I would make it so it is a live website so that prospective employers are able to see it. In able to do this type of project I have to learn how to use Adobe Dreamweaver. This has been pretty fun software to learn how to use. I would have to say that learning this new skill will help me to be a little more marketable when it comes to me having to apply for better jobs. This has been a skill that I have always wanted to learn and it has become a project that I feel will be some of my best work

How I'll Know I am DoneEdit

I will know that I am done when I feel like I have created something I would want to show off. I would also know that it is done because I will do my best to follow an outline for each section so that I know how to complete each section. This is a project that I feel will be one of my best projects that I have had to do for my undergraduate degree.