My Outdoors Photography Blog is for my Final Project. This blog is about what the title says: outdoors photography. I have started my blog and I have posted I few pictures just to practice, but I am working on the technical details of my photography. Here is [Outdoors Photography Blog] link.

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The technical details of my photography include the settings I used when taking the pictures. I also include links to professional sites for professional advice. You will be surprised to know that many of the pictures I will post in my blog were taken with my 4G Android phone. Many others were taken with my DSLR 3Ti camera. The biggest trick of modern photography is the use of a Photoshop software.

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In the technical details of my photographs, I will talk about what was the best shutter speed I used for certain pictures. In others I focused on the lighting (ISO) because the bachground was either too dark or to lighted, as in a very clear day in the middle of it. You will understand when you see some of the beautiful beach takes I will post. The aperture was the trickiest of all, but I managed to take some great pictures, especially in very cloudy or snowy days.

In the details of Photoshop, I will tell you the usage of the most common features. Some features work better for some pictures than others, such us vibrance, clarity, shadows, whites, blacks, and temperature. But you will know that some pictures that were taken with a very dark exposure, turned out pretty good after been retouched with Photoshop.

My blog is a work in progress right now, but it will be ready before the due date for everyone to look at and enjoy.

Thank you for visiting my blog and feel free to leave a comment.

Joe Boulder