Screenshot of Pixel Blasted

I chose to build and contribute to a blog for my final project - focusing on resources related to web development. It is posted on

I wanted a place to publish and gather a collection of web development tools, and this project was an opportunity to finally start it. Although suiting, the blog format was out of convenience - the chronology did not matter since each post aims at covering a different topic. The purpose of this blog is to archive the different libraries, apps and other tools I use and which have proven to be helpful and time-saving when working on web projects.

I plan on contributing links to these resources, along with short descriptions for each entry I submit in order to give the reader some background on the applicability and benefits on using the featured resource. The resulting feed should benefit other developers by showing them a variety of different resources categories by tags that will speed up their workflows. Hopefully it will also serve as a place to find helpful tips about the different aspects of building websites and web applications.

Pixel Blasted will be featuring free resources over paid and proprietary options, when at all possible.