Welcome to the Wikia page for my Writing For New Media Final Project! I hope after reading this page, you will have an interest in my blog and will visit it and recommend it to others!

Background InformationEdit

I have always loved traveling. When I was younger, I traveled all throughout the United States. I made it a goal to see every state at least once. While I haven't yet completed this, I have seen a lot of the different things our country has to offer! Starting in eighth grade, my interest in international travel began. I have since been to twelve countries on three continents and can't wait to see more. It is my new goal to see every continent, so I'm hoping I can make that a reality someday!

About My BlogEdit

My blog will be a travel blog in which I share my experiences from my trips. I will give details about what I did while I was in each place as well as recommendations for things to see, places to eat, etc. I would love to get input from readers about what they would like to read about and places they would like information on. I hope to get other people as excited about traveling as I am!