Rettinger's Rants New Media vs Old Media

Rettinger's Rants New Media vs Old Media

A Youtuber's view on New Media

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Welcome to the Writing for New Media WikiEdit

The Writing for New Media wiki is a place for students to practice collaborative editing and to build a knowledge base about new media and its culture. It gives students the opportunity to work together to add information to the page that would benefit others. The hands on experience that this wiki gives is the differ
Social media

Use your mind and celebrate the knowledge you have gained

ence between this course and others similar in nature. 

It is important to understand what this class considers to be new media. Here is the link to the instructor's definition: What is New Media? This definition does not only speak for our professor, it also speaks for us as students. It is important that anyone who reads this wiki understands that new media does not only refer to things such as social media sites, blogs, citizen journals or vlogs; but it refers to much more.

Here is another definition for Writing For New Media based on other sources.

Looking for for more information about Writing For New Media? Visit It's Dinner Time.

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==COMM 3640: Writing for New Media==
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University of Utah campus

Writing for New Media is a course taught at the University of Utah in Salt Lake City , UT.

Writing for New Media is taught in the Communications Department. The Communications Department at the University of Utah offers both a Bachelor of Arts and a Bachelor of Science.

A Bachelor of Arts in the communication department is often fulfilled with four semesters of a foreign language, while the Bachelor of Science in the communication department is typically sufficed with statistics courses.

Stay up to date with all the News and Announcements from the Communications Department: Communications Department News and Announcements

The Writing for New Media course examines the many facets of writing for new media. Writing for New Media is a unique writing course, with an emphasis on brevity and efficiency. This is due to the recent changes in the field of communication. Much of our correspondence now takes place through social media and other internet related means. Students learn the different new media outlets and how to write in each format.  This course focuses on major areas of entertainment, informational, educational, and interpersonal writing in a variety of new media contexts. 

This class differs from other writing classes in that it gives a hands-on teaching environment where students are required to participate in a number of various activities to learn. Each week, students respond to discussion questions that challenge their thinking, write papers on a large number of subjects, and make edits to an online collaboration. By participating in these weekly activities, students learn new skills that will be useful in media situations.

The Writing for New Media course requires you to create a final project.

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This class is a core requirement for the New Media sequence Communications Majors.Edit

The Communication Department views communication as central to the integration and dissemination of information, the recognition and appreciation of diversity, and the development and application of technical and social knowledge. Mission Statement

There are three sequences to choose from when deciding which route to take within the communication major. Depending on your area of interest, you can choose from a wide variety of classes in Strategic Communication, Journalism, or Communication Studies. The Communication Studies route is the more general of the three. This route also has more flexibility in choosing elective course options, allowing you to tailor your schedule to your interests, and pull classes from different communication areas to create your major. Journalism focuses on broadcast, online, and print journalism. And Strategic Communication targets public relations, advertising, and integrated marketing. To find about about other courses offered by the communication department visit Or if the website is a little confusing make an appointment with one of the academic advisors on Genbook by going to:

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The requirements for each sequence within the Communication major

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